- cut-off ignition and injection - no burns in exhaust during shifting


- setting by buttons on LED display in few seconds


- ECU allows different kill time for each gear (Suzuki, Kawasaki)


- step by 2ms from 30 to 80ms


- ECU allows shift light control


- QS kit suitable for all types of engines (2stroke, 4 stroke, carburator, injection)


- we offer QS for CDI engines too (Mini GP, R6 1999-02, etc.)

- you don´t need other parts  and ECUs

Shifting ContRoll

Shift light

   8 high illumination, red SMD LEDs in black anodized aluminium box.


Dimensions: 15×15×30mm

Lenght of cable: 160cm

Supply: 12-15V

Weight: 40g

Wattereproof: IP 67

Shifting rod

  Black anodized shifting rod with M6 thread on both ends. You can cut it. Minimum deep of thread is 10mm. Rod has one M6-RH and on opposite site RH and LH thread together (dual thread)


Shifting rod kit contans: rod 80mm, bolt M6-RH, bolt M6-LH, nuts (RH and LH)


Lenght of rod: 80mm

Deep of thread: 20mm

Weight: 15g

 Quickshifter sensor

Aluminium, black anodised, water resistace body. Sensor is suitable with differnet connectors.


Lenght of body: pull type 54mm, push type 60mm

Diameter: 20mm

Lenght of cable: 110cm

Weight: 60g



Quickshifter unit QS 3

Quickshifter electronic control unit for all types of motorcycles. Waterproof in aluminium box.


- ignition and injection control for Upwards shifting

- throttle control by downwards shifting (autoblipper) - for bikes with fly-by-wire

- you can use different kill time for each gear

- shift light control


Dimension: 100×25×36mm

Lenght of cable: 120cm

Weight: 145g