Quickshifter sensors

QS sensors for bikes supported from factory. All sensors contain shifting rod and connector for your bike. Easy and quick change old rod with new one with sensor. See instruction manual.


    - Honda - CB(R) 650

    - Honda - Africa Twin

    - MV Agusta

    - Triumph - Daytona a Street Triple

    - Yamaha MT09/Tracer

    - Yamaha MT10

Honda CB(R) 650

  Quickshifter sensor for Honda CB650  and CBR 650 from 2019 allowing you upward clutchless shifting by full throttle. Replacement for Honda original part 08U72-MKN-D50.


Manual for installation.

Honda Africa Twin

  Bi-directional sensor for clutchless upward (QS) and downward (AutoBlipper) shifting for Honda Africa Twin from 2018. Replacement for Honda original part 08U70-MKK-D00.


If MIL light, then erase stored fault in ECU

1) Connect the SCS connector to the diagnostic connector under the seat.

2) Turn the ignition switch ON and engine stop switch to ON too.

3) Disconnect the SCS connector from the diagnostic connector.

4) Connect the SCS connector to the diagnostic connector in 5 seconds.


Manual for installation.

MV Agusta

Quickshifter Bi-directional sensor (upward and downward clutchless shifting)  Plug&Play for MV Agusta.

Cable 30cm, connector.

F4 from 2015, F3 675/800 from 2012, Brutale  675 from 2012, Rivale, Stradale from 2014

Brutale 800 (Incl. Dragster, RR) from 2013.

Sensor is replacement of original part 8000B9611


Manual for installation


  Triumph Daytona 675, Street Triple from VIN 411984, Street Triple R from VIN 411984, Street Triple S, Street Triple S 660cc and Street Triple R LRH (Low Ride Height) are factory ready to use a quickshifter sensor (upward clutchless shifting). Replace the shift rod with the sensor and adaptor rod, plug in a connector to the harness, and the bike is ready.

  The quickshifter function is activated by installing the sensor. You can change the ignition kill time by Tune ECU software, but it isn't generally necessary for stock bikes.


  ContRoll offers a reverse shifting (GP shift) kit for certain Triumph bikes. The pivot bushing of the shift lever is mounted on an engine bolt. The sidestand does not need to be removed. The sensor has the necessary connector to plug into the stock wiring harness. The kit includes the shift lever, shift rod with ball joints, and the shift sensor. (right pic.)


Manual for instalation - Shifting ContRoll 


Video: Triumph - riding , Triumph - installation

Yamaha MT09 & Tracer

Quickshifter sensor (upward clutchless shifting) for Yamaha MT09 and Tracer from 2017. Sensor has shifting rod and connector for stock wiring harness. Cable 60cm. Replacing part for original part No 2SC-181A0-00-00.


Manual for installation MT09/Tracer

Yamaha MT-10

Quickshifter sensor (upward clutchless shifting)  Plug&Play for Yamaha MT -10 2016-2018. Sensor has shifting rod and connector for stock wiring harness.


Manual for installation MT10