Quickshifter sensors

   The sensors are available as PUSH, PULL, or BI-DIRECTIONAL. The sensors are made of high strength aluminium alloy with anodized surface. We offer pull or push type. The switching force is preset for common motorcycles and it isn't adjustable.  The sensor has M6 thread on both sides. One end has a standard right-hand thread, while the other end has a special Dual right-hand and left-hand thread.


Types of cable ending:

 - 2 pin black connector Molex (Shifting ContRoll)

 - 2 pin 10-way Power Commander III connector

 - 3 pin SuperSeal connector for Cordona quickshifter

 - 9 pin 2,8mm connector for Ignitech ECU

 - no connector, 2 x 0,14mm2 / 26 AWG wires


  Length: pull type 54mm, push type 60mm

  Diameter: 20mm

  Length of cable: 110cm

  Switching force: 155N ±10N

  Weight: 60g

Bi-directional sensor has 2 NO type circuits with single point ground. It can be use with voltage output ... 2,5V= standby, 0V=Pull, 5V=Push.


  Length: 62mm

  Diameter: 20mm

  Length of cable: 110cm

  Switching force: 140N ±10N

  Weight: 65g

Shifitng rods are available in 4 lengths made from aluminium alloy with black anodizing.

The rod may be cut 15mm from both end or connected with another rod to acheive the correct length.

All rods have M6 RH thread and M6 Dual Right+Left hand thread.


  Length: 50mm, 80mm, 125mm a 170mm

  Diameter: 10mm

  Weight: 7g, 11g, 22g and 31g

Connection of "Shifting ContRoll" sensor to other QS systems:


    - Bazzaz

    - Cordona

    - Ignitech

    - Power Commander III

    - Power Commander V


Plug&Play kit for motorcylce with QS support in stock ECU.


  Quickshifter sensor with 3pin connector for Bazzaz quickshifter system.


  Quickshifter sensor with 3pin SuperSeal connector for Cordona quickshifter system.

Power Commander III

  Quickshifter sensor with connector for Power Commander III USB or Dynojet Ignition Module. If you have PC III only, be sure all injectors are controlled. If you need any help, don´t hesitate to contact us.


Software for setting: PC III USB Control Center Software


Some PC III need new firmware with QS support: Shift Kill Software for PCIIIUSB

Power Commander V

  Sensor is suitable for Power Commander V. Connect two wires to "SHIFTER" ports on PC V. The position of wires doesn´t matter.


  Quickshifter sensors are compatible with fully programmable ECU from Ignitech. It works with Ignijet , TCI-P and CDI-P with Quickshiter (Clutch master) support. Connect the sensor to main coupler position 9 and 25 or to racing 9pins coupler (on the right) - position 6 and 9.


   You have to set Clutch master to "Activation by Switch On".